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Apr 9, 2018

During 2017, a new vehicle ownership model took root that blends aspects of leasing with aspects of renting, aiming to bring simplicity to your life. Instead of haggling over price, arranging a loan, obtaining your own insurance, and figuring out where to take a vehicle for service, you can instead subscribe to use a fleet of vehicles at a monthly payment that includes everything but fuel. But as with most new ideas in the car business, many questions arise: How appealing are these programs, not only to consumers, but to dealers as well? What does this emerging trend mean for the auto retail business? Will it be disruptive? Will it be good for dealers, or will it have detrimental effects for dealers.

In this episode, AutoConversion Founder Ryan Gerardi sits down for an extended interview with Patrick Block from Flexdrive, an enterprise technology and services platform built to empower dealerships to offer consumers flexibility instead of commitment through vehicle subscriptions.